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The recent road re-surfacing programme and street light upgrades are a very welcome sight. Simon and Roy have been applying pressure on West Sussex County Council to accept their responsibility, the same applies to on street vehicle parking in some parts of Roffey, however, the process is slow. Hopefully we will not see the same pothole problems we had last winter but please let us know if you see any.

Rail Improvements

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Although the work overran a little, the replacement level crossing gates at Littlehaven Station are proving very popular. The gates are closed for a much shorter time that the old ones when a train passes through and there is more space for pedestrians. We understand that North Horsham Parish Council have obtained the old wheel that worked the gates and intend to put it on display as a part of our history.

We hope people are pleased with the newly refurbished Horsham Station which is a real improvement to our town and creates a much better impression to visitors.

Overgrowing Vegetation

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West Sussex County Council is responsible for highways. This includes grass verges and issues relating to trees and bushes which are overgrowing and obstructing the pavements. If you need to report any issue you can send us an email or give us a call, we will report it and monitor progress

Littlehaven Level Crossing

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Network rail are planning to replace the gates at Littlehaven station with modern barriers controlled by CCTV. Once completed the gates will be closed for a much shorter time when a train is passing though, reducing congestion and waiting times.

The works will take around 17 days to complete. It was originally planned to start on 14th January but due to technical difficulties we understand that work may not commence until late March or April. The crossing will be open for pedestrian movements but not vehicles during the work. Your local councillors arranged a public meeting with representatives from network rail at the Millennium Hall during December, which was well attended, lively and informative.

New Fleet of Gritters get Ready to Battle the Elements

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We are pleased to let you know that west Sussex County Council and its highway contractor have introduced a brand new fleet of 26 gritters. A real benefit of the new vehicle will be that because they are more efficient they will actually use 20% less salt, meaning our supplies will last for longer and there will be less of an effect on the environment.

The new vehicles are also equipped with a global positional system called “Coldsnap” which makes it possible to monitor the gritting throughout the county on a minute by minute basis. The County Council has a stockpile of 10,000 tonnes of salt.

Street Lighting

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Faulty or non working street lights, illuminates signs or bollards can be reported on the WSCC website or to SSE contracting on 0800 048 2435 where they will ask you for the column number and location. Alternatively, just let us know and we will sort it out for you.

Horsham Station Refurbishment

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Refurbishment work will soon start at Horsham railway station. Over the next year the extensive work at the station will include:

• A new second station entrance to the main station building
• Re-arrangement of the internal station building layout which will give:
- easier access and circulation for passengers, including direct access to the passenger lifts from inside the station
- a better location for the ticket windows which will become height adjustable to make it easier for those in wheelchairs to access the windows
- more retail facilities
• Refurbishment of platform toilets
• Reorganisation and marking of the forecourt, bus/taxi/drop off area and car parks
• Additional car parking spaces
• Additional cycle parking spaces
• Renewal of the platform canopies

The work will take place between August 2011 and June 2012 and is a collaboration between the Department for Transport’s National Station Improvement Programme, Network Rail, Southern and West Sussex County Council. The station will remain open for train services throughout the project with the work phased to help minimise disruption. A temporary ticket office will be available so passengers can continue to buy tickets from the station.

Taxis and private hire vehicles

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As of June 2011, there are 54 taxis and 128 private hire vehicles operating in our district. Taxies have to be white. As soon as a taxi is flagged down they can start to charge. If the roof box is lit then you can flag down the taxi anywhere. It doesn’t have to be at a taxi rank. A private hire vehicle can be any colour except white. You cannot flag them down, they have to be pre-booked in advance. You should agree a price with them before they pick you up and they should have a roof box on top when being used as a taxi.