Police Stations

June 29, 2011 · Posted in Crime & Policing · Comment 

The police’s top priority is to keep their officers out on the street and working with their local communities. The police have been asked to save £52m by 2015. As a result, the police are reducing the hours that residents can just drop into police stations. They are offering more pre-planned appointments instead. In due course, people will be able to book appointments online or over the phone. Rest assured that even when the front counter service is not open the police station is still fully staffed and functioning normally. Horsham Police station is now open Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm and 3pm to 6pm.

Taxis and private hire vehicles

June 23, 2011 · Posted in Business & Local Economy, Roads & Transport · Comment 

As of June 2011, there are 54 taxis and 128 private hire vehicles operating in our district. Taxies have to be white. As soon as a taxi is flagged down they can start to charge. If the roof box is lit then you can flag down the taxi anywhere. It doesn’t have to be at a taxi rank. A private hire vehicle can be any colour except white. You cannot flag them down, they have to be pre-booked in advance. You should agree a price with them before they pick you up and they should have a roof box on top when being used as a taxi.

Call charges

June 11, 2011 · Posted in General · Comment 

There are going on for 1 million 0870 telephone lines in this country, which can be expensive to call. There is a great website which includes many standard rate alternatives for many 0870 numbers. It is worth checking it out www.saynoto0870.com. It may save you money.