Action Demanded on Derelict Buildings in Crawley Road

April 29, 2011 · Posted in Housing & Planning 

Local residents will be aware of the boarded up, tatty buildings on the Crawley Road opposite the Millennium Hall. They have been in that condition for some time and their shabby appearance makes the whole area look run down. There are also safety concerns with reports of children getting inside.

The buildings were purchased a few years ago by the Guinness Trust, a housing association who provide affordable homes. They intended to clear the site and redevelop it with some attractive and much needed housing for local people.

Unfortunately, due to the recession, they have nothad the money to do anything with the site. Simon and Roy want to see something done about this and will be putting pressure on those responsible.

As a temporary measure, until the redevelopment can happen, we would like to see the site cleared, and possibly used for parking. We have got the council’s solicitor involved to help with this and hope to have the same success with removing this eyesore as we did getting the burnt out office building near the station cleared.


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  1. Terry on January 13th, 2012 12:57 pm

    re. derelict buildings in Crawley Road,Roffey.
    I attended a public meeting about this in ( I think ) July 2011 at which point Guinness hoped to commence demolition in September 2011 subject to planning consent.Jan 2012–no sign of any activity yet.Are there any updates on plans.?I’d like to see the local community taking over this site for use of local community groups until Guinness are ready to proceed.I would expect Guinness and council to contribute significantly to the costs of making the buildings safe and tidying the site,but Guinness would save on their security and council rates.How about it Guinness? demonstate your committment to the Roffey people.

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