Horsham and District Herald?

April 28, 2011 · Posted in General 

You may have seen the “Horsham and District Herald”, published by the Liberal Democrats. With such an excellent record of success we never resort to negative campaigning and it is disappointing to see other do so. However, we feel we should set the record straight on some of the issues raised.

•The projected overspend they refer to for last December’s budget will actually be an under spend, unable to quantify yet as the final figures are not all in.
•They refer to a £500,000 over spend for the previous year’s budget, this did occur on the Acron Plus project but they do not say this. They specifically refer to the ‘Council’s budget. The council’s budget was under spent by £380,000! This is the audited figure.
•Acorn plus is an award winning scheme welcomed by a huge majority of the residents, it is highly successful in environmental terms, enjoyed a well managed introduction on the ground and saves significant money to boot. Horsham District residents were given a new free bin and weekly waste collections are maintained! Our green waste collections are free. Most other councils charge!
•Leisure charges rose roughly with the rate of inflation and took into account increased Vat etc. They are still very competitive. Burial charges rose by around 11.0% but started from a level a lot lower than cost and in Horsham District they are still the lowest in West Sussex and Surrey! The changes were debated and approved democratically at full council, with little comment from our opposition.
•Horsham and District Herald contains a yellow panel with 8 things they will do if elected. Horsham Conservatives have been doing all these things effectively and efficiently for years, even decades!
•According to the Horsham and District Herald the Lib Dems have sorted out the banks. In Horsham the Conservatives concentrate on local services for local people! Conservatives have cut the council budgets by around 18% with no significant cuts in services!
• In Horsham District we enjoy one of the lowest council taxes, with 0% promised for the next 2 years, for one of the highest levels of service in the UK.


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