Health Update

February 13, 2011 · Posted in Medical & Health 

For many months now, NHS West Sussex has been trying to recruit a senior nurse so that the Minor Injuries Unit at Horsham hospital can be opened for longer hours. Horsham District Council has been chasing this and pressing for action. Andrew and two other Councillors attended a meeting on 17 November with senior NHS/PCT Managers. It seems unlikely that the extra hours we were promised will now happen due to lack of money. Andrew asked that when GP Commissioning starts they will consider this again as a top priority.

On 24 November Andrew chaired a meeting to review and obtain an update on the 16 outstanding actions and objectives from the 2008 report looking at health care in the North East of the county. Annual meetings are supposed to take place, the one scheduled for last April was cancelled because of the general election. The NHS was reluctant to arrange another meeting which is unacceptable. Last month Andrew met Conservative Councillors from Mid Sussex and Crawley councils and we have written a joint letter to the Chief Executive of the NHS asking for a meeting involving Councillors from all political parties at the three Councils and senior NHS Managers. Watch this space!


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